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Best Termite Treatment Perth WA

Looking for effective and reliable solutions in termite treatment?

Are you at loss about how to effectively deal with your termite problems in Perth WA? Can seem to get rid of termites proliferating in and around your property? Sick and tired of so called termite pest controllers that don’t really deliver the results you need? If so, then it would certainly be worth your while to check out the professional termite treatments that we offer here at termite treatment Perth where we offer nothing less than effective results guaranteed!

Termites are some of the most difficult types of pests to deal with. They proliferate quickly in large numbers and are not at all easy to exterminate. Worst of all, many property owners aren’t even aware that they have a problem as the infestation is fairly hard to detect for untrained eyes in its early stages. The only time that the problem often becomes apparent is when your property has already suffered most of the damages that these types of pests can inflict.

Termite control Perth WA presents the complete termite treatment solution for our clients from detection and prevention to effective extermination. Having served the termite pest control needs of hundreds of clients for well over a decade, you will certainly find no shortage of expertise and experience out of our reputable and proven termite exterminators who are all simply some of the best at what they do.

Some of our solutions for termite treatments include:

  • Fumigations and the strategic application of termicide solutions (environmental-friendly chemicals designed specifically to eliminate termites)
  • Regular termite inspections
  • Installation of termite “barriers“ retrofitting wooden foundations with materials that are immune to termite influence
  • Termite baiting stations
  • And many more

When it comes to termite treatment, we at Termite Services Perth WA guarantee nothing less than effective and satisfactory results. Why go anywhere else? Get in touch with us today!

Termite Treatments

“Subterranean” Termites:

This name simply means termites that live and must always remain “below the ground”. Subterranean termites cannot survive exposed to air or light. This is an important point to remember in understanding termites and termite treatments. If subterranean termites meet an obstacle they cannot tunnel through (eg some rock, metal or certain plastics), they search for a way around it. If they must move out of the soil to go over the obstacle, they will build tiny mud tunnels that go over it and then back into hiding on the other side. (These mud tunnels are often called “termite workings”).

It is also important to remember that termites, like ants, live in colonies. These colonies are based in nests with a queen ever pumping out new termites. The nest may be several metres away from any termites found on your property. This means that killing a few termites that you may see WILL NOT solve the problem. There are hundreds more unseen termites right behind them! The entire colony must be destroyed.


This merely refers to anything that is done to a building before it has already been constructed, (eg pre-pour of a concrete slab).

Termite Barrier:

Sometimes referred to as a “barrier” or “treated zone”, this is a band or strip of some kind, designed to stop termites getting through. Some barriers are designed to keep the termites out altogether, some are simply intended to stop concealed termite entry by forcing the termites to build tunnels over the barrier so they can be seen and treated, while some deliberately allow the termites to pass through the barrier with the termites picking up a fatal chemical on their way through that they will carry back to the nest & share with the rest of their colony.

NOTE: No termite barrier is absolutely fool-proof. On very rare occasions, termites can cheat even the best of barriers. However, quality barriers, correctly installed, do greatly reduce the chances of termite attack.(ref: Aust Standards 3360).

Types of Termite Barriers:

There are two main kinds of termite barriers: physical barriers and chemical barriers.

Physical Termite Barriers

The physical termite barriers are made of various materials that termites either can’t, or (usually) won’t travel through, for example, trenches dug all around a building, rather like a moat around a castle, filled with finely crushed granite. (With no soil or organic matter to tunnel through, termites tend to turn back and avoid the granite).

Chemical Termite Barriers:

There are various chemical barriers available. Most are created when the soil is treated (soaked) with a residual “termiticide” (ie a long-lasting insecticide specifically designed for termites).

All termiticides used by Lindar Pest Control are water-based and extremely low toxicity to humans, pets and wildlife. This means that after a few years these chemicals will break down and be, at least partially, washed away by rain and watering. On the Central Coast, these chemical treatments usually remain effective in soil for about 5 years. After this time, the chemical needs to be re-applied.


In this case, this term refers to a barrier that is continuous (without gaps), both underneath any concrete slab (part A) and adjacent to / around all possible parts of the building that are in contact with the soil (part B).